Pride Parade Registration

The Salisbury Pride Parade staging area will be located at the Salisbury Park and Flea parking lot. Located Downtown Salisbury, MD between Rt. 13 & Main Street. Volunteers will be there to offer assistance and the route will be clearly labeled. The de-staging area will occur at Library Lot in front of Market Street Inn. 

School/University or Youth Groups (FREE)

PFLAG Chapter (FREE)

Non-Profit (FREE)

Commercial ($50)

Animal Unit ($20)

Motorcycle Unit ($20 per 10 vehicles)

Car Club ($20 per 10 vehicles)

Marching Band Units ($20)

Single Motor Vehicle ($10)

Fire or Police Car (FREE)

Beauty Queen or Pageant Representatives ($20)


Your entry into the Salisbury Pride Parade 2022 acknowledges that you agree to follow all the guidelines provided with this entry form.  

Salisbury Pride Parade Registration Form
Will Your Entry Include A Float
Will any part of your entrant be on foot? (Answer ‘Yes’ even if your main float is motorized but you still have walkers.) 

In the comment box, please let us know is your entry have music? If yes, please list song title(s) below. 

Does your entry include live animals? If yes, please indicate how many and what animals are involved. Please also indicate how you will clean up after live animals. 

Does your entry have any special requirements? If yes, please describe.

If you wish to be placed near another entrant, please write the organization name. Both organizations must complete this step. 

If your entrant is a Car Club, Motorcycle Unit, or Single Motor Vehicle, write the license plates of the vehicles being displayed. 

Thanks for submitting!

To submit your payment, click the donate button below and you will be able to enter your payment amount.

Salisbury Pride Parade Rules

  1. All entries are expected to adhere to the theme.

  2. All children participating in the parade must be supervised by an adult at all times.

  3. Entries should be designed to withstand any weather conditions.

  4. All entrants must supply their own vehicle and signage.

  5. No fire, discharging of firearms, or pyrotechnics of any kind are allowed. No wooden boards or other items that may fly into the spectators are to be broken while parading.

  6. Absolutely NO smoking is permitted in the parade route or set-up areas.

  7. All motorized vehicles in the parade MUST operate under their own power and be decorated. 

  8. All music to be played must be included in the entry form.

  9. All entries with live animals are responsible for cleaning up after the animals throughout the duration of the parade (set- up through end of parade).

  10. Your entry fee is appreciated and donations are always welcome. We are a not for profit organization and funds collected go towards expenses of this event. Extra funds will be earmarked to offset expenses for next year’s event.

  11. All units must give way to emergency vehicles.

  12. The Salisbury Pride Parade Planning Committee reserves the right to deny participation in the parade to registered entries not in compliance with these rules.